Povratak na Kampovi

VCV Kampovi 2014.


You can find our programme for this year on this page. Please take a look at the descriptions and if there is anything you are interested in, please contact the SCI branch in your country.

07/07 - 20/07 Wood'n'straw, Tavankut
13/07 - 26/07 Flood relief, Krupanj
14/07 - 27/07 Summer in Ruski Krstur, Ruski Krstur
15/07 - 29/07 Beehive of friendship, Begeč
21/07 - 30/07 Temerin peace week, Temerin

28/07 - 11/08 Opening the Gate of Gornje Podunavlje, Bački Monoštor


RS-SCI 12.1
Name: Wood'n'straw
Dates: 07.07-20.07.2014 / Location: Tavankut, Serbia / Volunteers: 12
Description: After the Second World War, a pretty much isolated village of Tavankut had a very obvious need for social and cultural life. So, a few enthusiasts founded the Croatian Cultural and Educational Organization “Matija Gubec”. During the following years, the cultural content was enriched with folklore dances and the art section. The former was popular among young people, offering them a chance to take part in preserving the local folk culture and travel on numerous occasions.The latter served as the basis for the development of the unique form of naïve art, pictures and items made of straw. Last year, we held the first international work camp. Since the work camp was very notable in community long after it was held, it was an easy decision to try organizing it this year as well.
Work: This year Tavankut will host the First International straw Congress. In the same time, there is a festival of straw art and techniques and volunteers will be needed to help with technical organization of festival. The Congress will have a program filled with various activities and it will be held from 9th to 14th July. We need help from volunteers to welcome the participants of the Congress, prepare promo materials, set the video link and supporting technical stuff, prepare the space for the congress and set the scene. After Congress, during next four days, volunteers will assist with cleaning up the garbage in nearby forest in Tavankut and put up signs along the pathways through the forest.
Study: Volunteers will have two workshops, one educational in which they will learn about the specifics of forests in Vojvodina region and another, creative one in which they will create signs that they will place in the woods. Volunteers will have a workshop to learn how to make straw pictures, and they will make one together. It is possible to visit Subotica and Palić lake during free time.
Accommodation: Volunteers will be accommodated in the school in Tavankut, in one of the classrooms and they will be sleeping on mats.
Languages: English.
Terminal: Subotica, Serbia
Extra: Volunteers are not obliged to have any particular skills or knowledge but it would be nice if they are interested in ethnology and art. Sleeping bags are necessary.

RS-SCI 3.1 
Name: Flood relief - Krupanj
Dates: 13.07-26.07.2014 / Location: Krupanj, Serbia / Volunteers: 20 (international and local)
Description: In a devastating natural disaster that occurred in The Balkans in May this year, among other areas municipality Krupanj was extremely damaged and announced state of emergency on 14th of May. Due to heavy rain showers all rivers in this municipality flooded the area and water took everything in front of it. The result was big number of landslides and mudslides, while the 50% off central part of Krupanj municipality was under the water. Housing units, bridges and roads are all damaged. Two people lost their lives while many had to be evacuated. Youth office in this municipality, which is local partner in organizing this work action, was established in 2009 and manages many youth projects annually, with the aim of raising level of their participation in community development.
Work: The type of work that volunteers need to do is physical, mostly concentrated on repairing the damage that was caused by floods. Help is needed in the areas of garbage removal, disinfection, moving the furniture, cleaning, arranging spaces and houses destroyed and damaged by floods, etc.
Study: Since this camp is organized in order to provide for an immediate relief, priorities are work and damage repair. This means that time and space usually dedicated to workshops and educational content are not guaranteed. However, two coordinators will take care of the group and of SCI values in appropriate educational way.
Accommodation: Volunteers will be accommodated in a local high school facility where access to showers, toilets and kitchen is provided. Mats are provided for sleeping, but volunteers will have to bring their own sleeping bags. Food is provided too, while volunteers will have to prepare their own meals.
Languages: English
Extra: According to nature of work, volunteers need to be physically prepared. If some volunteers have special qualifications and skills that are useful in this kind of situation, they should state it in the application. Working tools will be provided, but if volunteers have some of their own they can bring it. Having your own boots & work gloves would be great!
Terminal: Belgrade

RS-SCI 12.2
Name: Summer in Ruski Krstur
Dates: 14.07 – 27.07.2014 / Location: Ruski Krstur, Serbia / Volunteers: 12 international, 5 local
Description: Pact Ruthenorum, with help of Tourist Association of Ruski Krstur, for the eighth time will organize a workcamp. First two camps in 2007. and 2008. were working camps, and third in 2009. was more an art-festival workcamp. Later camps from 2010. and 2013. were also working camps.
For this Summer we are preparing volunteer workcamp witch is mixture of work (renovation/reconstruction) and art, and we call it „Summer in Ruski Krstur“.
Unfortunately, this year festival VODOVA FEST has been CANCELLED and we are very sorry for that. We truly gave our best to continue organizing this festival every year, but we had big problems with financial support and organization.
Work: Volunteers will help to arrange area around Bački Kanal (environmental work) and clean different places in the village which need to be cleaned. Volunteers will also help in cleaning, painting and renovation in some local institutions and organizations. Through different workshops, volunteers will learn a lot about each others, about Vojvodina, about Serbia, and about Ruski Krstur and Ruthenians.
Study: We can provide them creative workshops with local women organization “Bajka”, sightseeing, free time in countryside, riding on a boat with local fishermen, riding on a horse carriage, etc.
Accommodation: Boarding school has rooms with 4 and 5 beds. There will be men and women rooms. There are separated bathrooms for men and women. Breakfast and dinner will be prepared by volunteers. For lunch there will be a profesional chef who will prepare lunch for them. There will be needed to bring sleeping bags because on 18h and 19th of July they will be sleeping in a school sport’s hall.
Languages: English
Terminal: Novi Sad, Vrbas, Kula

RS-SCI 7.1
Name: Beehive of Friendship
Dates: 15.07 – 29.07.2014/ Location: Begeč, Serbia / Volunteers: 10
Description: NGO »Košnica« for the 10th time will be organizing sports-ecology camp »Beehive of friendship« for children without parents and for children from socially disadvantaged households. Participating children are coming from all over the region. During the time spent in the camp they work on their social skills and self esteem trough sports, ecology and creative activities.
Work: Volunteers help build the camp, a week before children arrive (15-19/07/2014.). Also they take part in realization of children’s camp and work with children at second part of camp duration (20-27/07/2014). Building the camp means cleaning and preparing the beach and camp site, setting up the stage, setting up the tents, cleaning and preparing the facilities, setting up sports equipment etc. During the stay of children they help prepare and serve meals, take care of camp hygiene and participate in sports and creative activities with children (animation skills would be helpful).
Accommodation: Participants sleep in tents, sleeping bag and mat required (tent if available). Meals are organized in the camp and can be adjusted to suit specific needs. Showers and toilets are indoors, at the camp site.
Languages: English.
Qualifications: Volunteers should be experienced and skilled in working with children and prepared to work outdoors while building the camp.
Terminal: Novi Sad, Serbia

RS-SCI 1.1
Name: Temerin Peace week
Dates: 21.07 – 30.07.2014/ Location: Temerin, Serbia / Volunteers: 14
Description: Youth Office in Temerin is Muncipality branch in charge of creating and supervising implementation of youth policy at local level. Youth Office is creator of Youth Club – an open space where young activists gather and find recources for their activities and iniciatives. During the last decade due to occasional multiethnic conflicts Temerin became a particular filter for the state of multiethnic relations in Vojvodina, burdened by the consequences of the crises and economic devastation, as well as changes in the demographic structure, caused by wars of the 90s.
Work: During the camp, youngsters will paint benches in town center, paint over hate graffities and make a mural (30mx2m) in schoolyard of two local schools. They will atend workshops on topics such as antifascism, antirasism, tolerance, intercultural dialog.. and be included in ongoing activities of Youth Office, Youth Club and other local organizations. We also plan conducting a street action at the end of the Peace Week. They will be rewarded with a field trip and a tour of the city, and organized evening program including cultural evenings and presentation of local culture of leasure time. Also they will get to plan and organize an event of revealing their work to the local community.
Study: Our intent is to implement the project “Citizens without borders” with the goal to influence the population and the youth towards decreasing national tensions,also to animate and inspire dialog and mutual problem solving.We wish to promote youth participation in local community and motivate local youth to use free time in a constructive way that is beneficial to their community. We will put in focus direct low-cost improvments of public space free for adapting and expression of creative ideas.
Accommodation: Volunteers will be accommodated in local sport center which has showers with hot water, cantina, fridge, and is placed in town center, in the park and right next to the swimming pool. Please bring your sleeping bags.
Languages: English, Hungarian, Serbian
Terminal: Novi Sad, Serbia
Extra: Volunteer needs to fill-in following extra motivation letter to then forward to the national sending organisation. Volunteers will need to be pro-active, have capacity to work in team and creativity and some art skills are plus.


Please bring your sleeping bags.

This Peace Week is organised within project Citizens Beyond Walls. The aim of the project is fostering inclusive policies to respect Citizens’ rights in Europe, with focus on new citizens and minorities. Extreme right wing groups are a threat for peace in Europe, where peace isn’t only absence of conflict but the condition where citizens’ are equally endowed of rights. The project foresees the following steps: 1) a research outlining the activity of extreme right wing groups and the presence of citizens’ initiatives to support Peace and inclusion of new citizens and minorities; 2) 8 Residential „Peace Weeks“ (a dedicated Work Camp in each country partner); 3) Public Final Event for presentation of research.


RS-SCI 10.1

Name: Opening the Gate of Gornje Podunavlje, Bački Monoštor
Dates: 28.07 – 11.08.2014/ Location: Bački Monoštor, Serbia / Volunteers: 12 international, 4 local

Description: Civil association Podunav is nonprofit, nonpolitical organization founded in 2007. Main objectives of the organization are environment protection and eco-rural tourism development, based on natural and cultural heritage of Backi Monostor and this region.

Our actions include the work with the children and the young people, through the education, environmental actions, events and festivals. The members of our organization were involved in implementation and logistic of voluntary camps in Backi Monostor during the 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009.

Special Nature Reserve “Gornje Podunavlje” that surrounds Backi Monoštor is one of the most valuable flood-prone areas throughout the course of the Danube River. It is distinguished by its exceptional biodiversity.

Work: Through the camp, we will improve the condition of the Reserve, by removing invasive plant species from the forest; improve the eco – tourism infrastructure and education on environment, by labeling the hiking trails, positioning educational boards in the area of eco – center, making wooden garbage cans for the streets, by participating in the organization of local festivals Bodrog fest.

For the grand finale, as a finishing activity, there would be the festival “Bodrog fest”. Including volunteers in the logistic of the event, they will contribute to the multiethnic and multicultural character of the festival.. Activities as marking of walking trails, trash cans making will be very visible for all and contribute to the promotion and development of eco-rural tourism.

Study: Creative expression through graffiti, making eco sculptures and drawings, exploring the village and the culture, excursions to nature with camping in the forest, festival in the neighboring village Bezdan, concerts of rock and traditional bands during the Bodrog fest, translating the web presentations of Backi Monostor to the languages of the volunteers.

Accommodation: Volunteers will be accommodated in the Centre of civil activities, with the toilets and kitchen. Showers are provided in the another building. Volunteers will be sleeping on mats. Sleeping bags are necessary.

Transport hub: Sombor

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U Srbiji – Bačko gradište

Saradnja sa Bečejom traje koliko i sam Volonterski centar Vojvodine. Počev od činjenice da je Bečej „dao“ veliki broj aktivista i članova VCV-a, pa do činjenice da se nekih godina organizovalo i do tri kampa u toj opštini govori da kampovi u Bečejskoj opštini imaju određen kvalitet, a što tome prethodi – da se baziraju …

U Srbiji – Stara Planina

VCV organizuje kampove na Staroj Planini od 2009 godine, u selu Temska i 2011 godine prvi put na Mučibabi u blizini sela Senokos. Do sada smo organizovali 4 kampa i ugostili preko 40 volontera iz preko 15 zemalja sveta. Volonteri su se na našim kampovima uglavnom bavili rešavanjem lokalnih ekoloških problema, kroz uklanjanje različitih biljnih invazivnih vrsta …