International Seminar: pacifism since World War One

Šaljemo vam poziv za veoma intresantan seminar kome prethodni i radni kamp.
Seminar će se baviti temama kao što su mir, antimilitarizam, nenasilje i osvrnuće se na razvoj mirovnog pokreta u Evropi nakon prvog svetskog rata.
.. ako vas zanimaju ove teme, prijavite se!
Možete se prijaviti na oba događaja ili samo na na jedan od njih.
Ako se prijavljujete za obe aktivnosti imajte na umu da se za kamp prijavljujete posebno i to na sledećem linku: (camp code: FR-SCI 12.6).
Dokumenta za apliciranje na seminar nalaze se na kraju teksta.
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International Seminar: pacifism since World War One
Memory beyond Rhetoric: WWI and the growth of the pacifist movement in Europe
From the 12th to the 15th of November 2015 (Verdun – France)
Short description of the seminar:
This International Seminar is part of SCI’s remembrance project Memory beyond Rhetoric, focused on WWI and the growth of the pacifist movement in Europe. With it, SCI aims to promote a mature idea of peace, anti-militarism and non-violence.
The seminar is located near Verdun, capital of peace, and where the first SCI workcamp took place. The participants will also visit the World Centre for Peace, Freedom and Human rights and the Citadel of Verdun.
30 participants coming from all over Europe will meet for 4 days and work on the following topics:
• From the pacifists of 1920 to the pacifists of 2015.
• Volunteering for peace. Which is the meaning? Can we avoid the war by volunteering?
• Soldiers-hero vs conscientious objectors.
• Current challenges in Europe
Profile of the participants
The seminar is open to SCI volunteers and activists, as well as to members of other pacifist organization with relevant experience in pacifist movement or high motivation about the topic.
Priority will be given to participants coming from branches that are partner of the Memory beyond Rhetoric project (Belgium, Austria, Italy, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, France, Serbia, and Macedonia).
Background information
Service Civil International is an international peace and volunteering organisation with more than 90 years of experience working through 45 branches and more than eighty partners world-wide. The main method used by SCI to promote peace and justice are short and long term international voluntary service projects.
Memory beyond Rhetoric: WWI and the growth of the pacifist movement in Europe: This SCI’s remembrance project critically analyses the image of soldiers-heroes and wants to contribute to a real understanding of the history and diversity of the European Union, which was created as a peace guarantee.
Within this remembrance project, different activities have taken place in some of the most meaningful scenarios of the First World War. The main meeting is the International Seminar in Verdun (France), where the “Battle of Verdun” was fought in 1916 and where Pierre Cérésole organized the first SCI workcamp in 1920.
Financial and practical information
Travel reimbursement:
For participants coming from European countries travel costs can be reimbursed up to a maximum amount of 150€.
There is potential space for participants coming from countries outside UE. In these cases, if you would like to apply please inform us as soon as possible, so as we can give you more details about the opportunity of attending and travel reimbursement. In all cases, for receiving reimbursement, you are required to inform us about your travel costs as soon as possible at
Accommodation: Food and accommodation during the seminar will be covered. Participants will share rooms in Verdun. If you are vegetarian or have any medical or health requirements, please inform us at
Application procedure: In order to apply please send the seminar application by email to before the 19th October 2015.

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