Prijavljivanje na VCV kampove u Srbiji


Ako biste da doživite jedinstveno volontersko kamp iskustvo i da bolje upoznate neke lokalne zajednice kod nas, ove godine je moguće da se prijavite na tri domaća međunarodna volonterska kampa, i to u Bačkom Monoštoru, Tavankutu ili Bečeju.

Nisu vam potrebne nikakve posebne veštine niti kvalifikacije, bitna je dobra volonterska volja, znanje engleskog jezika dovoljno za osnovno sporazumevanje i to da ste nekad u životu proslavili punoletstvo. Gornja starosna granica ne postoji.

Uslovi prijavljivanja su nešto drugačiji nego kad se ide u inostranstvo, tako da aplikacioni formular popunjavate na ovom linku, dok se članarina NE PLAĆA. Dakle, jedini troškovi koje snosite, jesu vaši putni troškovi do mesta održavanja kampa. Rok za prijavljivanje na bilo koji od kampova je do početka istih, ali bismo cenili ako biste svoju odluku doneli što pre, da bi kamp koordinatori mogli da se pripreme na vreme.

Opise pomenutih kampova na engleskom jeziku, možete da pročitate u nastavku, a, za sva dodatna pitanja se obratite na

Ovde možete da pročitate neka od iskustava volontera sa prethodnih kampova, kako kod nas, tako i u inostranstvu

Opening the Gate of Gornje Podunavlje

Camp code: RS-SCI 10.1
Država: Srbija
Datum početka: 15 Jun 2015
Datum završetka: 01 Jul 2015
Tema: 10: Zaštita životne sredine
Tip posla: Festival / Kulturno nasleđe / Fizički rad
Dodatni troškovi: 0.00
Obavezan jezik kampa: Engleski

Opis: Civil association Podunav is nonprofit organization founded in 2007. Our main objectives are environment protection and eco-rural tourism development, based on natural heritage of Bački Monoštor and this region. We are engaged in the protection of the Special Nature Reserve Gornje Podunavlje and the promotion and cherishing cultural heritage of the people living in Bački Monoštor, which is also strongly connected to the natural values. Our actions include work with young people through education, environmental actions, events and festivals. CA Podunav is publishing materials on environment, nature and eco-rural tourism of Bački Monoštor and the region.

Vrsta posla: Throughout the camp, we will improve the condition of the Special Nature Reserve, raise awareness on environment protection, and provide quality cultural programs during the eco-music festival “Regeneration of the Danube”. All these activities will improve the interaction with the locals and give them opportunity to get to know other cultures. Volunteers will be involved in several activities: first part of the work will be physical: garbage picking, marking the walking paths in the Reserve, creating educational boards, making small wooden bridge and gazebo in the eco-centre, renovation of the old façade in the centre of the village, mural painting, and making wooden benches and tables on the beach. The other part of the work will be logistical support for the festival.

Studijska tema. Exploring the village and the culture: traditional crafts, national costumes, traditional houses; excursions to nature with camping in the forest; educational and artistic events during the festival: making eco sculptures of the straw, music workshops, concerts of rock and reggae bands; fair during the day of the village, translating presentations of Bački Monoštor into foreign languages.

Smeštaj: Volunteers will be accommodated in the Center of civil activities, in the center of the village. They will sleep in one big room on mats. There are toilets and kitchen, while showers are located in a separate facility, but close to volunteers’ working place. Volunteers should bring their own sleeping bags or sheets. Bicycles will be provided for faster communication.

Kvalifikacije: Volunteers are not obliged to have any particular skills or knowledge.

Lokacija Terminala: Bački Monoštor is a village located in the Sombor municipality, in the West Bačka District of Serbia. It is situated in the autonomous province of Vojvodina.

Beleške: Please, bring your sleeping bags, swimwear, good working shoes, hats and some environment friendly mosquito repellent. Every music instrument is welcome!

Magic Hands of Tavankut

Camp code: RS-SCI 12.1

Država: Srbija
Datum početka: 09 Jul 2015
Datum završetka: 20 Jul 2015
Tema: 12: Umetnost, kultura i lokalna istorija
Dodatni troškovi: 0.00
Obavezan jezik kampa: Engleski
Opis: After the Second World War, a pretty much isolated village of Tavankut had a very obvious need for social and cultural life. So, a few enthusiasts founded the Croatian Cultural and Educational Organization “Matija Gubec”. During the following years, the cultural content was enriched with folklore dances and the art section. The former was popular among young people, offering them a chance to take part in preserving the local folk culture and travel on numerous occasions. The latter served as the basis for the development of the unique form of naive art, pictures and items made of straw. Last years, we held two international work camp. Since the work camps were very notable in community long after they were held, it was an easy decision to try organizing it this year as well.

Vrsta posla: This workcamp is part of the project Magic Hands with the aim of fostering intercultural dialogue with and within the Balkans as well as promoting regional cooperation. Magic Hands consist of two international voluntary workcamps that will take place in Plemetina, Kosovo and Tavankut, Serbia. Activities will be focused on creative work (hand crafts) that are traditionally made by the women from Tavankut. It will be mostly up to the participants of the workcamp to plan and implement the activities; we will involve at least 5 women that will teach the participants to make painting and things out of straw (traditional use of straw in this village). Volunteers will also have the task to document everything with photos and written explanations on „how it’s made“, but also about the specific so

Studijska tema. Volunteers will have the opportunity to broaden their knowledge about culture of local community. They will learn on the topic of Peace and Human Rights education. There will also be a visit to Tavankut forest, with an introduction about it. City of Subotica and lake of Palic are nearby, so volunteers can have a chance to find out more about their history.

Smeštaj: Volunteers will be accommodated in the school in Tavankut, in one of the classrooms and they will be sleeping on mats. Sleeping bags and pillows are necessary. There are showers and toilets in the school. Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) will be provided in the school every day.

Kvalifikacije: Participants from Switzerland, Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania, Croatia and Montenegro will get priority in the selection, but participants from other countries are also welcome. Creative and people interested in handy crafts, journalist and photographers are encouraged to apply but also people interested in these field are welcome. No special qualifications are required.

Beleške: There is a possibility of travel cost reimbursements.

This project is implemented by VCV SCI Serbia, GAIA Kosovo and SCI Switzerland and supported by National Youth Council of Switzerland SAJV – CSAJ – FSAG / Swiss Foreign Ministry within the „East project“ fund

Come, pluck, camp!

Camp code: RS-SCI 10.2
Država: Srbija
Datum početka: 15 Jul 2015
Datum završetka: 30 Jul 2015
Tema: 10: Zaštita životne sredine
Dodatni troškovi: 0.00
Obavezan jezik kampa: Engleski

Opis: Youth Office Becej is local service of young citizens as an operational body within local government. In the period from 2005 to 2013, Youth Office Becej realized 9 international voluntary projects together with Volunteers’ Centre of Vojvodina. These camps were devoted to various topics in the field of active involvement of young people in the local community, as well as environmental protection and sustainability. There are plans for making a camping place in a local park called Goranski park, that is in the past 20 years in poor condition. In order to start with it, last year Ecological Network Pannonica did the project when they created a list of all trees and species in the park. These results in the project can be seen on the website

Vrsta posla: The main objective of this workcamp is to clear areas for the construction of the camping place. There is an area of 3600 square meters to be cleared from wild bushes and weeds. On the surface there are black pines, which are in a very poor condition. On the lower floor of the trees there are different types of weed. Volunteers will work on a removal of these plants to enable the space for building the camping place. For the implementation of the activities organizers will provide tools and equipment needed for this kind of work. Volunteers will also help in preparing the space for a new bicycle trail that should be built in a near future.

Studijska tema. There will be a seminar about development of eco-tourism in the municipality of Becej and in the Middle Tisa river region camp, parallel with the workcamp.This seminar is dedicated to the preservation of natural resources and biodiversity of Bečej and Middle Tisa region. Volunteers will have an opportunity to be actively involved in workshops of this seminar.

Smeštaj: Volunteers will sleep in tents in the park, behind the building of the Creative Ecology Center. Toilets and showers are provided nearby the park, within the complex of a city pool and sport center. Kitchen is within Ecology Center, so volunteers will prepare food themselves, while supplies are provided by organizers. Volunteers should bring their own tents, sleeping bags and mattresses.

Kvalifikacije: There are no special requirements, but it would be nice if volunteers are interested in ecology, environment protection and sustainability.

Lokacija Terminala: Bečej is a town and municipality located in the South Bačka District in a province of Vojvodina, in the North of Serbia.




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